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Tired of developers guessing what font settings to use when they look at your designs? Type Tool helps professional iPhone designers with the right settings for pixel-perfect text rendering in their application designs.


  • See standard type faces and sizes for iPhone using the Size Chart
  • Compose screens and create contextual font settings using the Typesetter
  • Get full Photoshop text settings for each iPhone font and size
  • Open and share editable layouts directly in Photoshop* over a wireless connection
  • Share settings and screenshot via email
  • Switch between positive and negative (black text on white / white text on black) by simply flipping the phone downwards

iPhone screenshots


  • “Finally a way to see text in screen on the iPhone without bugging my programmer! This is a huge help! Such a simple concept yet so useful. Will save you hours!”
  • “This app is invaluable when designing any iOS app. The ability to view your text at various font sizes on the actual device using the proper ppi takes away all the guessing work at design time without having to fluff around. The interface design is nice in Type Tool and hands down beats all the similar apps I’ve seen.”

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